Sunday, April 12

Big brown eyes

This is the cutest little guy.

The Wedding Dress

I painted this because spring has sprung and it's wedding season!

Wednesday, February 25

Cat Painting

I fell in love with the photo above taken by Sam Javanroug.  I probably spent 15 hours painting this little guy.

Wednesday, February 18

My family

I took this photo in Nags Head, North Carolina.  I was going for that cute hiney shot you always see on the beach but the puppy's were not cooperating.  

Little Boy Blue... I mean Little Dog Blue

I wanted to see how my puppy looked properly outfitted.  I think he looks "well good" as they say in England.

Yes I know I didn't paint the whole thing.  I just edited it in photoshop and painted him a new "paw" and put in my puppy's face.   

Open arms

I painted this for my fellow friends at work.  We are all on a new adventure.